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Fruit Milk Tea Cup Pillow Plush

Fruit Milk Tea Cup Pillow Plush

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Category: Plush doll
Style category: Fruit
Packaging method: mesh bag
Color: Brown round eyes, beige round eyes, white round eyes, brown squint eyes, beige squint eyes, white squint eyes, strawberry round eyes, strawberry squint eyes, apple round eyes, apple round eyes, pineapple round eyes, pineapple squint eyes, grape round eyes, grape squint eyes, avocado round eyes, avocado squint eyes, brown ice cream milk tea, strawberry milk tea, green ice cream milk tea, panda milk tea green, panda milk tea powder, panda milk tea yellow
Height: 24cm0.12kg, 35cm0.3kg, 50cm0.65kg, 70cm1.4kg

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